Fear of Aging

Object. Blacktip Shark Jaw, acrylic mirror, found wooden handle, expanding foam

Self Perception

Stone, silver, plastic

The Strong Bird

Onyx, steel, black stone

Birds of Submission

Hand cut stones/heels/beads and steel/silver chain


Neckpiece of hand cut stone, found temple piece, gold leaf and a gold fitting

Palaces Of Happiness

Rock cutting at the Hochschule Trier in Idar-Oberstein

Entre mes reins

Ring in bronze and ruby. These waxes I made on the train rides between Flaça and Barcelona in Catalunya. The ruby is hidden on the inside of the ring as the legs wrap around the finger.

Holiday studio in Flaça

My teacher in waxwork, Tito


Modelled by Martin at KUMU Art Gallery in Tallinn, Estonia


Ceramic collage

AURA PROJECT - Collingwood Housing Estate, Melbourne

This is an installation from a jewellery workshop I held in the undeground carpark as part of a great project called AURA at Collingwood Housing Estate in Melbourne. I taught participants how to make a ring in silver and then we broke apart a piano and made jewellery from the parts.Here is the AURA blog:
The website of the projects over the two years of the project:
The jewellery workshop:
And the fashion blog:


From my ceramic figurine and diamond saw experiments


International Jewellery Art exhibition in Tallinn, Estonia!


Exhibition in Polymer Kultuuritehas, Tallinn, Estonia in November 2009. With thanks to Tänel Saar. The installation fills and turns the gallery space upside down. A person stands inside the inverted plinths to view the jewellery. 
Also this video can be seen here:


Ring in silver, ebony and stone


A xylophone made from one rock of clear quartz sliced into pieces 5mm thick. It plays with the little hammer made of silver and in length this installation is 80cm.


 These works made from stone - angel, rock people and the xylophone were cut with a diamond saw during an artist residency in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, in the winter of 2007/9




Buster. Brooch, also a thumb piano. Steel, Gold, Enamel.

Ööle: Brooch. Silver, Steel, Enamel.

Boo Radley. Brooch. Silver, Steel, Enamel


Steel and Enamel


Ebony and oxidised silver
Oxidised silver and acrylic on wood/wire installation
Steel and Enamel 

Man Killing the Chicken who lived inside of His Head (Only because he imagined It)

Brooch in Steel and enamel


Brooch in Steel and Enamel

More Brooches!

Birds. Ebony, Steel, Gold

Anxiety caused my Urban Living. Steel, ebony, gold, graphite

Multiplicity - Handsawn steel


Lamps made for the Dandenong Winter Arts Festival.

These lamps were made in fibreglass and polyester resin, with steel bases. They stand nearly 2 meters high.

Think Too Much

Brooch made with Steel and recontructed coral


Brickman is a sculptural installation built as part of Global Container VIII during the Polymer Kultuuritehas festival in 2009. He is made of materials found on the site. Here is a great video about the event made by Ernest Truely:

Me and the Brick People Brooches

The brickmen brooches and brick girls are made from individually cut stone and acrylic, with gold and silver highlights